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Why we all need a creative outlet

My creative outlet is writing. Maybe yours is painting, sewing, or making music. Whichever outlet you may have, it is crucial to leading a balanced life. In this way, you allow yourself to explore the inner workings of your mind and spirit. You give yourself permission to express yourself.

Why we all need a creative outlet

Creative outlets are a way of expression

Have you bottled up all of your emotions or feelings before? Until the point to where they are about to burst at the seams? We've all been there. Whether due to our daily responsibilities and routines, or just a pure lack of time, it happens. Sometimes, life gets in the way. However, finding a way to express yourself is critical to your well-being and those around you.

"You seek, and you shall find"


Being creative is about more than just coming up with new and fresh ideas. It's about being kind to yourself by giving yourself time to self-reflect and look within. To fully understand the problems you have in your life and how releasing all of your stress through creativity can be a beautiful thing.

Get out of your way

You must be gentle with yourself

Often, people in creative spaces get in their own way. Usually, by self-deprecation and unrealistic expectations, among other reasons.

There will be roadblocks. There's no if's, and's, or but's about it. They will happen. It's merely a part of life we must come to accept. But just because we accept it, doesn't mean we have to live by it. When facing hurdles on your way to unleashing creativity, think about how you got to this point. Was it because you gave up? Of course not. Do you know what you did when faced with other hurdles throughout your journey? You persevered despite them.

Consistency is key

If you are inconsistent, it will be hard to see the results you wish to view. Consistency is what separates those who succeed and those who don't. While you must be gentle with yourself, your reactions to facing adversity will set the course for what lies ahead. Meaning two things, first, allow yourself to make mistakes. The brightest of minds have, and there's never been anyone walking this earth who hasn't.

Second, no matter the hurdle, whether you have writers' block or don't have enough time to squeeze in a painting session because of the kids, be consistent. I get writers' block at times. I know how it feels. You feel stuck in a rut, and it seems like you may never get out. But there is always hope. When facing these challenging times, I try to remember this:

"Going off course a few times throughout your journey is par for the course."

You must try, try, and try again. By doing so, you'll give yourself the best chance to succeed. When I do get writers' block, I am kind to myself by reminding myself that I am not perfect, and there will be days like this. Then, I do whatever I can to force myself to write anyway. That's the consistent part. I am not saying you should just make yourself do something you don't want to do, and magically you will succeed. There have been times where I simply couldn't write or didn't want to for a multitude of reasons.


But as often as I can, I attempt to make myself write no matter what. Because by doing so, I create the habit of writing, regardless of what's going on around me. The completion of some of my best work is when I initially did not feel like writing but made myself anyway. We all have a creative bug in us itching to get out. But must first realize this and then act upon it. By tapping into our creative side, we unleash a whole new set of emotions and feelings.

"By creating, we create balance"

Creativity is not interchangeable or replaceable. It's not a want but a need. If a balance is what you seek, find a creative outlet, or dive into one that's been gathering dust in your closet or mind for years, and pursue it with every fiber of your being.

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