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Trust the process

The favorable reception of any process doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an extended, arduous journey, and one that requires supreme faith and trust in the process.

Trust the process


The initial step of trusting the process is reception. There’s no doubt that aspects of your life won’t always remain the same, will alter, and eventually, feel different. But it’s this very process that leads us to a place of development and enlightenment. You see, if you don’t have faith in the process, you’ll never develop. In life, we are continually evolving. We’re dealt a hand of cards and must navigate them accordingly, good or bad. If you fold every hand you receive because you feel you’ll always get a bad one, you’ll never win. Consequently, you never see the outcome of what could be. If instead, you keep your options available and are open to receiving another card, you could very well obtain the best hand you’ve ever been dealt.

Moreover, it’s very critical to not only have reception but a favorable one. As much as we’d like to believe we dictate every occurrence in our lives, the fact of the matter is we don’t, and the sooner we come to accept that, the happier off we’ll be. Taking it a step further, rather than merely understanding you don’t control everything in your life, know that you do control how you receive it. Life is rough, and moments of weakness are abounding. Still, despite life bringing a seemingly endless list of alterations, having faith in things changing for the better is what keeps us going.


A process is defined as a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end. Nearly everything in life requires a process. When you first learn to tie your shoe, it’s a process. Your parents show you repeatedly in hopes the repetition will prevail, and your mind will memorize the steps taken. It’s the same for riding a bike or changing a tire. Processes are here to stay, so the only way to maneuver them is by trusting in them. You don’t fight fire with fire; you combat it with adaptation. You can let processes take hold of you and negatively impact your life, or you can view them in a renewed sense, flipping the script, and instead, adapting to and developing from them.


After all, processes are about development. You go through them to learn something or gain a better understanding of it. If you go off to college for 4 years, you’d like to trust you’ll come out on the other side of it with an invaluable education and increased earning potential. Although the latter may not always be accurate, most of the time, the former is because any learning you do or education you receive will likely leave you in a better place intellectually than you were before. In the same way, if you’re an athlete who relentlessly practices 5 days out of the week, you trust that you’re likely to see physical results in terms of performance throughout the process of your dedication.


This is where the indispensability of trust becomes so apparent throughout any process. It cannot be replaced or manufactured. It’s about trusting that you’ve put in the work necessary to achieve the result you seek. Also, trusting the process is about enjoying the journey, no matter the outcome. Of course, we all want to complete our goals. If you’ve worked tirelessly and still don’t believe you fulfilled your accomplishment, it doesn’t mean your efforts go in vain. Because even then, the act of having faith when discouraged is ultimately trusting the process in and of itself.

Any substantial development in life is a process. You don’t go from being cut on your high school basketball team to the greatest basketball player that ever lived overnight; ask Michael Jordan. You don’t go from having very little formal education to creating the light bulb overnight, ask Thomas Edison. You don’t go from once-living off welfare to writing the Harry Potter series overnight, ask J.K. Rowling. I can list example after example, but the point here is that success is a process, and any worthwhile achievement stems from going through and ultimately trusting in that process.

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