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Having faith

The word faith means a lot to me. Having faith, to me, means believing even when you don’t see the projected path set before you.

Having faith


With life comes hardship. There’s no way to get around it. If you were born into this world, you’ve dealt with adversity at some point in your life. For many of us, hardships have remained persistent in our lives, hardly ever relenting. But in facing them, you build a key and developmental component to life, resilience. Resilience is one of my favorite words because it encompasses what it means to get through grueling times. But before you can get to that point in your journey, you must have faith.

Faith is often an afterthought when success is mentioned. Typically, people fixate on the end result of success, fawning over celebrities and their undeniable development as people. But what got them there? Well, any success derives from one’s ability to have faith in themselves. The unwavering kind that only the person themselves can stop. People who are elite at what they do all have one thing in common. At one point or another, they had faith in themselves, even if only a sliver.


The journey to happiness starts with faith and resides in realizing your timeline for happiness is uniquely yours and looks very different from everyone else’s. Faith is the beginning, middle, and end of what it means to be happy. Because without the all-important first step of having faith, you’ll never get to a place of happiness. When I think about faith, the first thing that comes to mind is it isn’t easy. Particularly when you feel the odds are stacked against you. As an example, let’s say you got fired from your job and have been tirelessly searching for a new one ever since. It takes faith to overcome each step of that journey.

What if you lost your job due to no fault of your own. Maybe it was workplace politics, the reduction in your work output because of the pressure put on you, or maybe your supervisor had it out for you. Almost immediately, your faith is in jeopardy. Faith is required to get past the fact that you could’ve done everything right at your job, but you lost it because “that’s the way the world works.” When circumstances like this happen, specifically when you’re reliant on a job as your source of income to provide for yourself, it’s easy to lose faith. You begin to question every decision you make and the people around you. You may get a new job and start to question everyone who works there. It’s not your fault, right? You’re just protecting yourself because of what happened in your last position.

To an extent, sure. Your antennas are raised because you’ve gone through a horrible experience, that’s perfectly normal. But what you can’t do is let the fear of something happening alter the way you interact at your new job, which also requires faith. Have confidence in your new position and the people who brought you on. They hired you for a reason, and you have to remember that. Don’t let one troubled organization determine your outlook of every company you work for because if you do, you’ll never be satisfied. Not to mention, this mindset can bleed into your personal life.


Faith requires trust, and faith is trust. Trusting the process involves having faith in the result. After starting this blog, I had a goal of reaching 10,000 visitors per month. It was a lofty one, but I knew if I kept the faith and put in the work, I could get there. Well, months went by, and I came nowhere near that number. I began to question myself in a multitude of ways. Do you know what happens when you start to question yourself? You snowball. When you ask yourself questions, you begin to look for answers. I wondered why I couldn’t reach my goal, and what started innocently as, “maybe I am not doing enough search engine optimization through keyword research,” quickly turned into self-sabotage in “maybe I wasn’t meant to write, or I am just not good enough.” Faith is also confidence, and my reaction was the complete and utter opposite of that.

Having faith

When you have no faith, it’s easy to get lost, snowball, and spiral. You lose track of what matters and why you set out on a quest to complete what you did in the first place. I created this blog to incite change. To leave people in a better place mentally, physically, and spiritually than they were before they read an article. Those last two sentences come from a mindset of having and keeping the faith. Because in the past year, I’ve had many people message me and tell me how my articles helped them think about something differently or even change their life for the better, and that’s all I ever wanted.

Yet, at some point in that process, I was able to reach 10,000 visitors a month. How? Well, of course, through persistence and resilience, but mainly through faith. I knew if I continued to have confidence in my writing and the effort I put forward, everything would work out. You see, when you have faith in what you do, all of the details sort themselves out. Maybe not exactly in the way you imagined, but in the way they were supposed to. No matter whether you’re the happiest you’ve ever been, or are at your lowest point, always remember to have faith. Because where there’s faith, there’s hope.

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