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Fulfilling your purpose

The older we get, the more we question our existence in life on this planet and why we are here. Some think it is a coincidence of sorts. Others, like myself, believe there is a more extensive, inconceivable rationale at hand.

Fulfilling your purpose


Every person who has ever lived on earth has one thing in common with everyone else; they were all given life. We can all agree on that, but thoughts change as we discuss where, why, and how this came about. Some individuals believe in an intergalactic conundrum or coincidence. That we, as humans, are the product of chance, and it just so happens atoms came together to form molecules, which sprung life into the world. My beliefs on human life far contrast these notions.

Every part of me believes that we are here for a reason, which is much bigger than ourselves. By no means do I think we are a product of chance. Humans have such extreme levels of intellectual and psychological abilities for us to be mere variables of happenstance. As humans, we have thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, etc. We laugh, cry, grieve, and rejoice. We are far too intricate in my eyes, having woven within us a purpose to find, and preordained destiny to fulfill.


We all have a purpose. Let me say that again, we all have a purpose. Each individual who has ever lived or continues to has a purpose. Now, we must address the elephant in the room. If everyone has a purpose, what’s yours, and how do you find it? Well, the answer starts and ends with you. Your purpose, for that matter, lies within you. The very goals and accomplishments you wish to reach are within your very grasp. I firmly believe we each have a calling.

So, how do we know what our calling is? Are you meant to impact the lives of individuals through words in writing, much like myself? Or, are you led to coach and mentor young individuals from rough backgrounds, whose families repeatedly accosted them growing up? There is an endless amount of opportunity when it comes to finding your purpose. But first, you must know what it is.

Finding your purpose will be one of the most challenging feats you will ever accomplish, but it’s worthwhile. Because, often, we feel lost in life. Because we are imperfect, we typically get caught in cycles. Cycles of comparing ourselves to others and their journeys. Cycles of being hard on ourselves for not being where we want to be. But, you see, through all of the hardship, there are valuable lessons to be learned.

At your job, the promotion you wanted but didn’t receive happened for a reason. That person you fell in love with, who never reciprocated everything you put into the relationship, wasn’t meant for you. Those “missed opportunities” weren’t really missed at all. They were a part of the bigger picture of you finding your way by navigating through your journey. To not only find your purpose, but fulfill your destiny.


Destiny is like fate. You may have heard the saying what’s meant to happen will happen. It rings true, but why? Well, life is a paradigm in and of itself. Deciding upon your future can be very dangerous. Depending on which path you choose, you could be following others or forging your own way. When we’re born, there’s a pattern or template of how life should be lived before us. Do this, do that, go to school, be an upstanding person, have a family, and live happily ever after.


But many of us know all too well, this isn’t truly how life always goes. You can only control what you can control because life’s obstacles will get in your way. Unfortunate variables, like disease and loss, will happen. Relational, parental, and systemic problems will occur. But finding, and ultimately fulfilling your purpose, comes down to your ability to be resolute.

To resolve the many quandaries of life. To understand life is unforgiving, but you are forgiving. You are the opposite of life in this sense because you can show grace and mercy in times of trial and tribulation. I do believe in Christianity and God. But even on a base level, I believe we all have a destiny. I don’t think humans are meant to know everything about this lifetime. Humanity has come so far, and we will only go farther. We’ve uncovered the bowels of life through an unwavering sense of curiosity.

There is still stuff we don’t know, though, and there always will be. There is beauty in the unknown, although it can be a scary place. We must cultivate ourselves into fulfilling our purpose. It’s a process, one that first involves searching and finding your purpose. Once you do, you give it everything you have, your time, dedication, and everything else in between. Because your relentless desire to fulfill your destiny ultimately culminates in you doing so, the power of fulfilling your purpose lies within you.

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