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Emotional Intelligence

How well do you know yourself? When it comes to emotional intelligence, what score do you think you’d receive if tested? Let’s find out.

Emotional Intelligence


Emotions and feelings often dictate the paths we take throughout our lives. Maybe you’ve been offered a job, but you don’t feel that great about the organization, so you choose not to accept it. Perhaps you’ve walked into a store, and there was weird energy inside of it, so you walk out. Come to find out, just a few hours later, the store was robbed. Some people would describe this as intuition, and they wouldn’t be wrong. But intuition, large in part, is a feeling. An emotion of sorts centered around what you feel is right and wrong in your soul, or as some people say, your gut.

Have you ever made an emotionally charged decision? Congratulations, you’re human, after all. We have all made choices when we shouldn’t have. By that, I mean when we were too emotionally involved to have perspective and make the right decision. The correct choice is often made with a sound, conscious mind, not one that is filled with worry, dread, and doubt. Your emotional intellect is about striking a balance between your feelings and logic. The more emotionally charged decisions you make without thought, the higher the risk of hurting, demeaning, and disrespecting other individuals.


Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to identify and manage your personal emotions. It’s also picking up on the emotions of those around you. A keen sense of emotional understanding doesn’t happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither is emotional intellect. It takes much trial and tribulation, experience after experience, and lesson after lesson to achieve the intellect necessary to ground yourself, those around you, and make decisions required in the most uncomfortable circumstances. Have you ever had someone be that figure for you?

For me, it was always my Mom and Dad. When family members got sick, the division was abounding, and heartache struck every fiber of our being; my Mom and Dad were as solid as a rock. Of course, they had moments of vulnerability, and this is not to shed light on their hero characteristics, as they’ve had moments of emotional lapse too, we all do. Instead, to highlight how they maneuvered such trying times with resilience after going through similar experiences. You see, when your emotions are pressed up against the wall, you can rise above or wilt. Many times throughout my life, I’ve wilted. However, as I’ve grown older, I’ve become more aware of my emotions, the role they play in my decisions, and how they impact myself, as well as those around me.


As best as you can help it, you don’t want to make decisions in uncertain moments, but in stable ones. You’d be surprised at the rash choices we make when we let our emotions fuel them. Typically, the outcome is far from productive, and in many cases, it is detrimental to you and your mental health. It’s all about stability. When you are in the right frame of mind, you can sit back with a curious, well thought out viewpoint, seeing the situation from both sides of the fence. This type of outlook is what you need when making any decision in your life, especially those that have a ripple effect on your loved ones.


What ultimately determines your level of emotional intelligence is the awareness you have of your emotions. You see, in many ways, we are a culmination of all the decisions we’ve ever made in this lifetime. The key to making better selections throughout your path is knowing yourself. If you are aware of your tendency to break down and hit something when you get angry, what are you doing to address this negative approach? Because it’s an issue that could hurt you and those around you. Or, if you tend to run away when faced with confrontation, are you actively pursuing ways to deal with debate in a healthy manner?

The same way we use our emotional intelligence to become more stable in times of strife, we must equally in times of harmony. Because those who are most in tune with themselves emotionally understand life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, there will be great days; others, you’ll be wishing you had one. The point is when you comprehend life, its ever-changing variables, and how they can impact your emotions daily, you get to a place of deep emotional intelligence. Because you understand the pain won’t last forever, and by the same token, neither will the happiness, which shall lead you to a place where you relish in and appreciate the lovely times and detest and disregard the awful ones. So water and give notice to the glorious times, because you’ll not only remember but cherish those.

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