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Discovering your happy place

What’s your happy place? Do you know what it looks like? More importantly, does it genuinely leave you feeling blissful? As we search within ourselves to find the answer, we believe we know how it looks. Our picturesque version of a happy place is often quite complicated, and reality shows us it’s usually a lot simpler than we think.

Discovering your happy place


Navigating the waters of uncertainty throughout these times with the virus has been difficult, to say the least. It’s undoubtedly the ultimate test when it comes to relationships, self-growth, and productivity. Through it all, I hope you’ve been able to learn valuable lessons that will last a lifetime; I know I have. One of the things that have helped me most recently is discovering, or should I say uncovering, a happy place.

Typically, I believe humans tend to make problems more significant than they are. We are all guilty of doing so at one point or another throughout our lives. I know there have been many issues in my life that I’ve blown out of proportion. Viewing the issue, that wasn’t much of one, to begin with, concisely and with clarity, would’ve spared me a lot of heartache and stress.

But our glasses get foggy, and, almost naturally, we make things more complicated than they ever need to be. Maybe it’s a simple conversation with a coworker, who has different ideas than you, that takes a turn for the worse, resulting in an awkward working relationship because neither one of you is open to new ideas.


The truth is, often we are so wound up from the day to day duties and chores of life, we forget why we are here, to live a happy life. Don’t get me wrong; it’s easy to fall into the many traps of life—family problems, work issues, insecurities with yourself, etc. But we must urge ourselves to remember we all have the same goal, to achieve happiness.

It’s been incredibly challenging to be happy during these unprecedented times. With little or nowhere to go, things to do, or people to see, how can we find happiness? Most vacations and plans for this year have been traded in for a couch and an endless stream of television. You might feel stuck, and maybe you even feel empty. So what can you do to feel alive again? Well, you should start by attempting to discover your happy place, or knocking the cobwebs off of and uncovering one you already have.

State of bliss

Staying inside every day throughout this pandemic has caused me and my girlfriend’s exploring souls to quiver a bit. We were recently overly stressed from work and school and just wanted to get out of the house. Our first idea was to go to the beach. Little did we know, the beach, which had been sitting there the whole time throughout this pandemic, would bring us to a state of bliss again.

Happy place

It’s not that we weren’t happy before. But doing the same thing daily, over and over again, eats away at your spirit. My girlfriend and I love being adventurous and spontaneous, so we were getting two birds with one stone in randomly going to the beach. Our experience at the beach was nothing shy of spectacular. The breeze, causing chills and sensations down our body, the sun setting, displaying an array of beautiful colors in the sky, the quietness and serenity of the waves crashing in the background, allowing us both not to think for a few minutes, and just be. It was simply breathtaking and much needed for both of us. We talked while we were out there about our relationship and discussed where we wanted to go, moving forward. We left feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again.

Sometimes, places are hiding in plain sight, which makes us most happy. For us, it was a 15-minute drive to the beach that we wished we’d taken months before, which left us feeling revitalized. Such a simple, yet powerful method in us feeling happy again was just to get away. To relieve ourselves of the daily duties and be one with each other and nature again. You can bet your bottom dollar we’ve already been to the beach quite a few times since then and will continue to. In times of strife, conflict, and disconcertment, we must find ways to be happy. It could be discovering a new happy place or uncovering one that was there all along like us. Either way, you’ll be glad you did.

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