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Chasing Dreams

It started with a conversation I had with a close friend of mine. We talked about how, at the moment, we aren’t necessarily where we want to be in terms of fulfilling our dreams.

Chasing Dreams

Whether due to financial constraints, a lack of time, or a wavering sense of purpose. Although our dream interpretations may be different, the one certainty, we both agreed, was that we aren’t where we want to be in the progression of living out our dreams.

Dream chasing

It was due to a multitude of things. Including the responsibilities of being an adult, such as working to sustain yourself, and another being a pure lack of time, which often coincide. For example, I work full time and am in school, and try to maintain relationships with my close family and friends. All while trying to run a blog on the side, which I aspire to do full time one day.

For my friend, the circumstances are similar. He is a musician and feels this lack of time in many ways. Our conversation kept circling back to one notion, that by the time the workweek is over, we are both exhausted beyond belief. To the point where we feel like we can’t give our dreams the energy they deserve.

“There's those who say and those who do.”

Time and energy

We all have the same amount of hours in the day. Yet, it’s how we use these hours that matter. If you get the recommended eight hours of sleep in a day, you’re left with 16. If you work a full-time job, such as myself, there are another eight hours spent, and you’re left with eight each day. Between the responsibilities each of us juggles, it’s simple to understand just how easy it is not to give your dreams the time, energy, and attention they deserve, or even worse, give up on them.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

There is always something to be said about the pure will. The sheer will to get the job done. No matter what the situation, we must move forward. It’s perhaps the hardest part of chasing dreams. To move forward, even when you don’t get the results you hope for. To “keep on keeping on.” Persevering, despite my circumstances, has been one of the hardest things I have done and will continue to do.


Nobody said it would be easy. But did anybody say it would be this hard, either?

Time is crucial in terms of dream chasing. If you don’t commit time towards your dreams, they will never become a reality. No matter what we have going on, we must find time to chase our dreams. If this means getting up thirty minutes earlier to write, like me, or learning how to play a key on the keyboard like my friend, so be it.

Often, this is what separates those who are chasing dreams and those who achieve them. I am guilty of putting my dreams on the backburner for worldly expectations, just like much of you. Yet, my burning desire to do what I love for a living overcomes the conditioning society has placed over me.

“The ultimate reward in chasing your dreams lies in the potential to fulfill them.”

Your efforts are worthwhile

There is no formula for success. Many people achieve their dreams through different means. There’s one constant, though, they keep trying. Giving up never solves anything. If anything, it leaves you feeling less fulfilled and more hopeless than before. There is beauty in trying. If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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